Come join us for a tour of the new dairy and meet the cows!
We will talk a little about or soil fertility program on our pastures.

April 21, 2018 from 2 to 4pm
Rain Date April 22, 2 to 4pm.​

Raw Cows Milk by the half gallon available everyday at the farm.

Grass Fed Beef sold by the cut at the farm.

Clover Luck Pork Sampler (limited supply):        

1 Hickory Smoked Ham (8-10 pounds)
4 Pork Chops (2 pounds)
1 Breakfast Sausages (1 pounds)
2 Smoked Bacon (2 pounds)                                 $95.00

Whole Pig  (Avg. hanging weight 180-230lbs)          $4.25/lb 
Half Pig  (Avg. hanging weight 85-115lbs)               $4.75/lb

Clover Luck Pork Box  (20-24lbs)                            $175.00
Clover Luck Pork Assorted Cuts  (12-14lbs)              $110.00

*Seasonal products available by special order (sausages, pigs feet, backfat, raw milk, dairy) 
 Please call or email us to place your order today!

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