Our Family is unique, and so is our farm. Between Mary's family and my own, our heritages have deep roots in the New England area. As such, we truly feel that we are living out a dream operating  the family farm, my Dad bought in 1959.  My Dad raised horses for many years and then we added pigs , sheep and cattle.

We recently renovated the horse barn to a micro-dairy where we now milk 10 cows.  

Just a little background on Berkshire Pork. Which has an extremely rich history of its own throughout England and many of its colonies. It has flavor and tenderness qualities recognized and prized as early as 1700. This is because it is truly a finer pork product than any other. Berkshire Pork has a higher eating quality, and loses less moisture in the process of cooking as it is more tender, juicy and tasty as a result of the intramuscle fat content in each animal.

As time went on, Berkshire Pork became more prevalent in the United States, and eventually the American Berkshire Association (ABA) began a process for certification in 1875 to ensure the lineage of each animal. Today, the ABA provides farms like ours assurance that the pigs we purchase are 100% Berkshire Pork. ​This ensures a trustworthy heritage of the finest quality, and Berkshire Pork continues to be known as an international delicacy.

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